How Do You Paint Ceiling Light Globes?

Plain glass ceiling light fixtures can be given a boost of energy with just a little imagination and effort. Before you start, confirm with your paint store that the paint you are using can withstand the high heat created by light bulbs. Some paints that withstand heat well need to be dried in a kiln.

  1. Choose your pattern and colors

    Consider whether you want a definite pattern in your glass light fixture, a simple wash of colors or a specific image, such as a cartoon character for a child's room. Choose the desired colors of heat-tolerant paint. Find a stencil, if desired, to create the design.

  2. Prepare the glass light fixture for painting

    Clean and dry the glass fixture inside and out before painting. If the paint you are using requires primer, apply it before painting the fixture. If you are using a stencil, tape it to the inside of the glass and trace it with charcoal pencil on the outside. Otherwise, use the charcoal pencil to create the image or pattern desired for the light fixture.

  3. Paint the glass light fixture

    Paint the glass fixture following the pattern you have drawn in place. Dilute the paint with water on the brush for a softer look. Let the paint dry for 24 hours before applying a glaze.