How Do You Paint Camouflage?


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Paint camo by applying different colors of spray paint to the object you want to disguise. Begin with the darkest paint and finish with the lightest. Use flat or matte finish paint to minimize any reflective qualities from the finish.

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How Do You Paint Camouflage?
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Select camo colors depending on where you plan to use the object. In forested areas, choose several shades of green. Desert camo usually involves browns and tans. For arctic camo, the pain choices include white and grays.

Before applying the first layer of paint, take the time to ensure you clean the surface of any oil, grease or wax. Remove any rust and repair the damage it causes. Prime any bare metal. For wood or other porous surfaces, take the time to seal and prime the surface before proceeding.

Use a minimum of three colors to create the best camouflaging effect. Apply the dark base coat, covering the entire project. Keep the tip of the spray can moving, and apply several thin coats instead of a single thick one. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next.

Apply the second color. Use a stencil or apply the color with a sponge. Do not coat the entire surface with the second color, but allow patches of the base coat to show through. Once the second color dries, apply the third to complete the process.

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