How Do You Paint a Camo Pattern?

How Do You Paint a Camo Pattern?

To paint a camo pattern, dust the surface to be painted, mask and sand it, apply tinted primer, and use sponges to apply several colors of paint. This procedure takes several hours and requires gloves, rags, water, masking tape, sandpaper, tinted primer, a paintbrush or roller, sea sponges and paint.

  1. Dust the surface

    Dust the surface with a dry rag. Dip the rag in water, wring it out, and wipe the surface.

  2. Mask and sand the surface

    Isolate the painting surface with masking tape, rub it with fine sandpaper, and wipe away the dust with a dry rag.

  3. Apply primer

    Apply tinted primer with a paintbrush or roller, and let it dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. The primer also forms the background of the camouflage pattern, so choose a green or brown shade that coordinates with your other paint colors.

  4. Paint the surface

    Put on rubber gloves. Dip a natural sponge into one paint color, and pat it over the primer in a random pattern. Give the paint several hours to dry, and then apply the next color with the same technique. Repeat with the remaining paint. Once it dries, inspect the camo pattern, and sponge additional paint over any areas you wish to modify.