How Do You Paint Cabinets?

How Do You Paint Cabinets?

How Do You Paint Cabinets?

Paint cabinets by removing all the hardware and doors, preparing the surface, applying primer, and painting the cabinets. The length of the process varies on the size of the project and needs to allow for drying time. You need a screwdriver, a degreasing cleaner, sandpaper, painter's tape, primer, a paintbrush and paint.

  1. Remove all hardware, doors and drawers from the cabinets

    Remove all hardware, hinges, doors, drawers and handles from the cabinets using a screwdriver.

  2. Prepare the surface

    Prepare the cabinets by cleaning them thoroughly using a degreasing cleaner. Sand down any nicks, and remove any old finishes. Place painter's tape around the walls and tiles surrounding the cabinets to protect them from the paint. Place drop cloths on the countertops to catch any dripping paint from the above cabinets.

  3. Apply the primer

    Paint the cabinets with primer, making sure to get it in all the cracks and detailing. Allow the primer to dry before painting.

  4. Paint the cabinets, drawers and doors

    Paint all the cabinets, cabinet boxes drawers and doors. Add one light coat at a time to avoid dripping paint. Wait for one coat to dry thoroughly before applying another coat. Once everything is painted and dried, you can put everything back together.