How Do You Paint Cabinet Hinges?


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In order to paint cabinet hinges, remove any old paint and apply primer and new paint. Use primer and paint designed for metal.

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Painting cabinet hinges is a simple process.

  1. Prepare the hinges
  2. Carefully remove the hinges from the cabinet and gently scrape any visible hunks of built-up paint or varnish out of the crevices in the hinges. Put the hinges in a slow cooker, submerged in soapy dishwater, and cook them on high-heat overnight. Gently scrape the old paint off, and then sand the hinges to rough up the surface a bit.

  3. Prime and paint
  4. Use spray-on metal primer and paint. Apply a thin coat of primer, then let it dry completely before applying a generous coat of paint. When completely dry, the hinges can be re-installed in the cabinets.

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