How Do You Paint Beadboard Paneling?

To paint beadboard paneling, allow the wood to acclimate to the home's temperature, prime the panels, install the panels to the wall and then sand, wash and paint. A paint sprayer makes the application process easy, but if a paint sprayer is not available, use a brush or a thick enough roller to fit into the grooves of the beadboard. Apply the paint in the direction of the grooves rather than across the grooves.

To properly install and paint beadboard paneling:

  1. Prepare the wood
  2. The wood paneling will expand and contract depending on temperature, so it is important to give the wood time indoors to acclimate to the temperature before installation. Install in the spring or fall, if possible.

  3. Prime
  4. Apply a coat of primer along the front, back and sides of the beadboard panels before installation. Primer on the wall side of the boards helps protect the boards from moisture.

  5. Install
  6. Attach the panels to the wall, caulk the gaps and fill the nail holes and cracks.

  7. Sand
  8. Allow the repaired areas to dry and then lightly sand smooth.

  9. Wash
  10. Wipe down the panels to remove the dust from sanding.

  11. Paint
  12. Use a paint sprayer or a 3/8-inch roller to apply the paint. Work in small sections and paint in the direction of the panels, rather than across.