How Do You Paint a Bathtub to Refinish It?


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To paint a fiberglass bathtub, clean the tub thoroughly with an abrasive cleaner, and rinse the tub with clean water. After the tub dries, fill scratches with fiberglass epoxy. Allow the epoxy to cure for the recommended amount of time, and sand it until it is even with the surrounding surface. Remove the tub fixtures, including the drain cover and faucet, and sand the tub with 80-grit sandpaper before painting the tub with an epoxy paint.

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Use a tack cloth to remove the dust after sanding the tub, and tape off the surrounding area with painter's tape. Clean old caulking off the tub, and mix the epoxy paint according to the instructions on the product packaging.

Paint the tub with foam brush or varnish brush. Apply several thin layers of paint to achieve even coverage. Remove the painter's tape immediately after applying the final layer of paint, and allow the paint to cure before using the tub. The curing process typically requires several days.

Replace the bathtub fixtures, and caulk around each fixture to prevent water leaks. To apply the caulk, squeeze a bead of caulk around the area where the fixture meets the wall or tub, and smooth the caulk with a damp finger.

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