How Do You Paint a Bathtub?

How Do You Paint a Bathtub?

How Do You Paint a Bathtub?

To paint a bathtub, use a commercial lime remover to clean the tub, then wet-sand it to deglaze the finish before applying a dedicated tub and tile paint. The process takes about 8 hours, but requires 2 more days for the new finish to cure.

  1. Clean the tub

    Remove any stick-on, non-slip strips applied to the tub. Purchase a commercial lime remover and follow the manufacturer's directions to clean away any hard water build-up from the existing finish. Rinse away the lime remover before proceeding.

  2. Sand the finish

    Use wet-dry sandpaper to remove the glossy finish from the bathtub. Keep the sandpaper wet while working, and rinse away any loose material from the finish.

  3. Mix the paint

    Follow the manufacturer's directions for mixing the paint. Some of these products are two-part epoxy paints that require mixing to harden. Mix only the amount of paint you are able to use before it dries.

  4. Apply the paint

    Use a brush to apply the paint. Keep all brush strokes in the same direction. These paints are self-leveling, so any air bubbles that form or brush strokes that are visible disappear as the paint dries. Apply the paint in two thin coats, spaced about one hour apart instead of a single thick coat. Allow the paint to cure according to the paint manufacturer's directions.