How Do You Paint a Basement Floor?


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To paint a basement floor, repair any cracks in the floor, sweep and wash the floor, apply epoxy-based primer and apply two layers of epoxy paint. You need to preheat the floor to between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit before painting.

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  1. Repair and heat the floor

    Fix any cracks in the floor with concrete patch. Using a space heater, heat the basement to between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit to facilitate the drying of the paint. Keep flammable objects away from the space heater to avoid causing a fire.

  2. Clean the floor

    Sweep the floor with a broom to remove all dust and debris. Prepare a solution of water and detergent, and use a stiff brush to apply the solution to the floor. Rinse the floor with clean water, and let it dry.

  3. Apply primer

    Protect the lower edges of the wall from paint with painter's tape. Using a long-handled paint roller, apply an epoxy-based primer to the floor in long, even strokes. Work from the farthest point towards the door so you don't step on the wet primer. Allow the primer to dry for a day.

  4. Apply paint

    Use a paint brush to apply epoxy paint around the edges of the floor, and paint the rest of the floor with a long-handled paint roller in long, even strokes. Let the paint dry for 12 hours, and repeat the process for a second layer. Allow the floor to dry for a week, and remove the tape.

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