How Do You Paint Baseboards?


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Painting baseboards can be a little problematic, but the task can be made easier by choosing the right brush, setting the temperature in the room at certain levels and cutting in the baseboard to keep the paint from ruining the floor or carpet. Also called floor moldings, baseboards serve as decorative molding that also protects the wall from scratches and impact damage.

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How Do You Paint Baseboards?
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Most homeowners want their baseboards to have the same color as the trim. Since baseboards are at floor level, there is no other way to paint it that to get down low on the floor. The following shows a few tips on how to make painting baseboards easier.

  1. Select the right brush for the job
  2. Choose a good quality sash brush that is just the right size for the job. Ideally, a brush that is 3 inches in width is ideal for the job.
  3. Mind the temperature
  4. If the temperature is too cold while painting, the paint may not stick to the baseboard very well. On the other hand, if the temperature is too high, the paint may dry too fast. If there are no temperature controls in the room, paint the baseboards in the middle of the day during cold months. In hot summer months, painting is ideally done during the morning or the evening.
  5. Cut under the baseboard
  6. Make sure to place a cardboard or paper stock under the baseboard to catch spills and drippings from the paint and paint brush. Leave the cardboard or paper in place until the paint is completely dry.
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