What Is an Ozone Generator for Pools?

What Is an Ozone Generator for Pools?

Ozone generators create ozone, a form of oxygen that controls micro-organisms and attacks organic contamination in swimming pools. Ozone is 100 percent natural, biodegradable and reduces the amount of supplemental chlorine or bromine chemicals needed. Cutting back on chemicals use reduces red eye and skin irritations suffered by some swimmers.

Ozone is created by adding an electrical charge to an oxygen molecule. The electricity separates the two oxygen atoms, which promptly attach to other oxygen molecules. The newly formed ozone molecules each have three oxygen atoms.

The newly joined atom is the weak link. When the ozone molecule encounters algae or bacteria in a pool, that weak atom splits off, oxidizing the contaminant in the process. The end product is clean oxygen and a sanitized pool.

Ozone won't leave chemical residue in the water, which sometimes causes the water to become cloudy and give off a distinctive chlorine smell. It is also more effective than chemical treatments, killing yeasts, molds and mildew, as well as known forms of bacteria and viruses. Ozone oxidizes oils, often found in sunscreen or other contaminants that sometimes leave a ring around a pool.

The pH balance of a pool is not affected by an ozone generator. This means less testing of the water and fewer pH adjustments are needed.