How Do You Overseed a Lawn?


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Overseed a lawn by preparing the grass, aerating the soil, spreading the seed, fertilizing and watering. You need a lawn mower, a core aerator or pitchfork, grass seed, fertilizer and a fertilizer spreader.

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  1. Choose the best time

    For warm-season grasses, overseed in spring. For cool-season grasses, overseed in early fall.

  2. Prepare the grass

    To prepare a lawn for overseeding, cut the grass to a height of 1.5 to 2 inches. Rake up all the clippings and any other debris and rocks.

  3. Aerate the soil

    Aerate the lawn using a core aerator or pitchfork. Water the lawn well, and then punch holes in the sod.

  4. Spread the seed and fertilize

    Because bags of grass seed have different blends of grass, follow the directions on the bag for the correct amount of seed you need to cover your lawn. To spread the seed evenly, use a fertilizer spreader. Spread starter fertilizer along with the seed to feed the new grass. Every five weeks, add more quick-release nitrogen fertilizer.

  5. Water the lawn

    Water the lawn well after seeding it, but use a light spray to avoid flooding the seeds. In the beginning, keep the soil moist by watering it several times a day. After the grass sprouts, continue to water it twice a day. Once the grass is 1 inch high, resume a normal watering schedule, and begin to mow the lawn.

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