What Are Overhead Gas Heaters?


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Overhead gas heaters are propane-powered heating units mounted on ceilings to project warmth below. These heaters are available for ceilings with heights ranging from low to medium.

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Most overhead gas heaters provide radiant heat through sealed-combustion tubes. They work similarly to standing gas outdoor heaters found on many patios and decks. Standing heaters use shallow overhead domes that project heat downward in a 360-degree radius, extending roughly 8 feet outward. However, a great deal of heat is lost at the outer edges of these umbrella-shaped domes, making them less efficient than mounted overhead heaters.

Mounted overhead heaters also take up less room than standing heaters, which must be located clear of any combustible materials, including tree branches or shrubbery. Overhead heaters are also considered safer than standing heaters, which many cities have banned altogether to avoid accidental fires or personal injury.

In addition to requiring no floor space, mounted ceiling heaters save room in other ways. For example, flower baskets, lighting and audio speakers are easily attached to them. Overhead heaters are also suitable for hanging on trellises or other overhead structures. They are capable of being mounted on walls at an angle, making them a versatile choice in outdoor covered patio heating.

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