How Do You Outfit a Bathroom for Seniors?


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To outfit a bathroom for seniors, ensure that the lights in the bathroom are bright and that there is a working night light. Get rid of rugs and mats that move around when a person walks on them, and use suction-grip mats instead. Attach adhesive strips to the bathtub or shower surface. Place marks on hot and cold water handles, and make sure water cannot become dangerously hot.

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How Do You Outfit a Bathroom for Seniors?
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Hang a plastic curtain on the shower instead of doors that move on tracks, and attach grab bars to the walls next to the toilet and in the bathtub. If you need to put the bars in place only for a period of time, use a removable clamp-on model. If the senior has troubles standing up or is generally weak, purchase a bathtub or shower seat. A transfer tub board is a similar seating option that is easier to move around than a seat.

If the senior is not comfortable stepping over the high edge of the bathtub, use a transfer tub bench that attaches to the bathtub and allows the user to sit on the bench outside the tub and slide over to the tub without getting up. When purchasing seats and benches, make sure that they meet the weight requirements of the intended users.

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