What Is an Outdoor Wood Boiler Used For?


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An outdoor wood boiler is an alternative heating solution that uses a wood-powered fire to heat water that is then circulated through underground pipes to a nearby building. This type of wood stove may be used to heat houses, small businesses, greenhouses, hot tubs and pools.

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An outdoor wood boiler is an independent unit approximately 4 to 6 feet in width and 10 feet in length that includes a fire box, a water jacket and an exhaust heat reclaiming system. The fire box is filled with water, which travels through insulated pipes to the building where the heat is transferred to the user's heating system. Smoke passes through the water jacket before being expelled to reclaim a large portion of the lost heat.

A few popular manufacturers of outdoor wood boilers include Crown Royal Stoves, Woodmaster, Heatmaster SS and Heatmor. Although old-style outdoor wood boilers use primitive combustion technology, creating heavy smoke that can potentially bother neighbors and pose a health risk to the user's family, newer certified wood boilers burn wood gases thoroughly and extract more heat to create less smoke. These efficient boilers utilize either secondary combustion or catalytic converters to produce a more efficient burn and enhance exhaust treatment.

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