What Are Some Outdoor TV Cabinet Ideas?


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Ideas for an outdoor television cabinet include purchasing a premade weather-resistant cabinet or building a weatherproof cabinet yourself. Outdoor TV covers provide weather-resistant storage in a bag that slips over the set and closes using hook and loop fasteners. One of the least expensive options avoids the problems of heat and moisture inherent to outdoor TV storage by placing the set facing outward in a window in the home.

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Manufacturers usually describe their cabinets as weather resistant instead of weatherproof because outdoor conditions are tough on sets. Since cabinets are not climate controlled like the inside of the house, humidity and heat are often problems. The heat is especially hard on plasma televisions. Freezing weather causes contraction of the materials and can cause sets to break.

Owners can reduce the effects of the weather by adding insulation. Cooling packs help to stabilize the temperature. In extremely cold climates, a small electric heater keeps the set warm. Each time the owner opens the doors to view the shows, the humidity equalizes to that in the air.

Outdoor TV covers protect the set from the weather but do not provide the security of a locking cabinet. Owners may need to move the outdoor set into a locking enclosure, such as a bar, for better protection from theft.

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