What Are Some Outdoor Trellis Designs?


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Some outdoor trellis design ideas include a trellis gate, trellis-gated arbor, trellis fence and trellis deck. Other ideas include the decorated curved-top trellis, suitable for a narrow space, and a trellis screen separation to break up features in a yard.

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Trellises can be used to screen in patios and decks, allowing privacy and airflow. If using trellises for a deck design, benches can be built around the bottom edge of the trellis for screened-in seating. An individual can add trellis walls to an arbor or a pergola that separates a front yard from a backyard. The trellis not only adds a charming touch and privacy, but gives vines and plants a place to grow. Trellises can also be built to create an open shelter around a table and patio furniture. Placed at 90-degree angles to form a corner, these trellises should boast slats on top with creeping vines to give a sense of privacy and openness.

Trellises can also be constructed out of wire or reclaimed materials, suitable for a patio boasting modern metal chairs and a minimalist table. The metal pot trellis adds a modern flair to a potted plant, while the sculpture mask gives it a vintage touch. A wire trellis can also be used as an invisible structure for heavy flower and vine growth, making it look as if the plants are climbing air.

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