How Do Outdoor Tiered Plant Stands Work?


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Outdoor tiered plant stands are ideal to show off plants and flowers in a small garden or patio without taking up too much space. Carefully chosen wrought stands also serve a decorative purpose when they blend with outdoor space and furniture.

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A crafted quarter-round tiered plant stand placed at the corner of a porch or patio adds decorative appeal to outdoor space. Rectangular or wooden tiered plant stands placed in a visible corner of the garden saves space while exposing all your plants to sunlight.

When choosing tiered plant stands, the size of plants and their growth rates should be considered to avoid cramping as they grow. Stands with deeper wells are ideal for larger plants, such as ferns. Tiered stands with shallow wells are ideal for seedlings and shorter plants. Always check to ensure that the wells have adequate drainage facilities to prevent water logging.

Tiered plant stands for outdoor use are made of either wood or metal and are usually coated with a weather resistant finish for durability. Layered-style tiered plant stands generally have a larger base with each tier reducing in dimension as it goes higher. Shelf-style tiered plant stands typically have heavier bases but almost equivalent dimensions.

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