What Are Outdoor Propane Tanks?

What Are Outdoor Propane Tanks?

Outdoor propane tanks are storage containers for liquid propane. These storage tanks come in a variety of sizes, can be either stationary or portable and help power everything from gas grills to propane-powered appliances.

Propane is a safe and effective gas for heating and cooking. However, in order to use propane it must be stored in tanks that turn liquid to a high-pressured gas. Propane tanks are sometimes called cylinders or bottles.

Portable tanks are those tanks that can be moved or transported. These tanks are often used for small appliances such as gas grills or in small vehicles like forklifts. Portable tanks are refilled by stationary tanks. Stationary tanks are large and not designed to move and often power all the propane-powered appliances in a home or business.

Sometimes, outdoor propane tanks are buried underground. Underground propane tanks are very large and have special features that help them store propane beneath the surface of a yard and safely pipe it up to a home or business as needed.

Most outdoor propane tanks turn liquid propane into a gas and because propane expands, can only be filled to around 80 percent full. Propane should never be mistaken for butane because propane has a far higher pressure than butane. The only thing than can be legally and safely stored in a propane tank is propane.