What Are Some Outdoor Pond Ideas?

What Are Some Outdoor Pond Ideas?

Create an outdoor pond by placing it against a brick wall and using pavers to build the walls. For an inexpensive small pond, try making one out of a whiskey barrel. This type of pond usually comes as a kit.

Properties containing a well may be able to be converted into a pond by building up the center of the well and planting decorative water plants in the middle.

Old hot tubs make wonderful ponds by building a wooden frame around the outside. If a hot tub is not an option, try building a pond in a farm stock tub such as a feeding trough. Stock tubs come in plastic and galvanized metal, although the metal tubs are more expensive.

It is often cheaper to build a new pond from an old pond. By recycling materials and refinishing the outside, homeowners can build a new pond from previously used pond materials. Place flat rocks around the outside of the pond for a new, fresh look.

Build a pond in a raised container in an area of the yard that does not receive a lot of wind. Surround the pond with plants, but know that in an area with heavy winds, much of the water may blow away.