What Outdoor Plants Work Best Indoors?


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Outdoor plants that work well indoors include begonias, geraniums, caladium, tropical hibiscus and fuchsia. A few shrubs, such as boxwood, myrtle and flowering maple, can be adapted for inside growth as well. There are also several varieties of herbs that thrive indoors.

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Begonias boast brightly colored flowers that grow well indoors. A gardener merely needs to make sure that the plant has a humid environment, which can be accomplished by placing the pot on a tray filled with pebbles and water. A geranium plant is also well-suited for the indoors and can bloom year-round if cared for correctly. This plant requires bright, direct sunlight and monthly feedings. Gardeners should place a tropical hibiscus in a sunny window and plant it in well-drained soil.

Both boxwood and myrtle are great indoor shrubs. Once planted, they need to be fertilized every month and misted regularly with water to keep them moist. These plants need to be placed in a window with direct sunlight and turned every day so that they grow evenly on all sides.

Hot pepper plants and many types of herbs, such as rosemary, lemongrass, basil, chives and parsley, thrive indoors. These plants need bright light and regular trimming.

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