What Are Some Outdoor Landscape Designs?

What Are Some Outdoor Landscape Designs?

Do-it-yourselfers can create their outside landscapes with a few designs ideas such as building around a focal point, directing a path through the garden or making a pool or outdoor living area the central focus. The landscape design should evolve out of the homeowner's needs for the backyard.

A prominent feature in the yard, such as a large tree, can be the focal point around which the rest of the landscape is designed. Create a simple garden path leading to it, and use low shrubbery as a frame.

Create a landscape modeled after larger parks and public gardens with a geometric path leading through the plants. Have fun with the design of the path and branch out into complex patterns. For those who like to spend time relaxing outdoors rather than maintaining gardens, one way to fill the space is with a pool or patio. A shaded well-built outdoor living area is equally as inviting and pleasant to look at.

Rely on a few colorful plants to add visual interest to a predominately green yard. Work with analogous colors, such as yellow and orange, to create a theme. Those living in desert areas may want to build a landscape that uses little to no water. Use large rocks and other features for visual interest. Add cacti and other desert plants that don't need watering.

Add some movement to the garden in the form of flowing water, trees or tall plains grasses. This movement adds visual interest and makes the garden feel more alive.