How Do You Find Out the Value of Sterling Silver Flatware?

To find out the value of sterling silver flatware, identify the manufacturer, place of origin, date and pattern of the piece, take into account its condition, and compare with the most identical one given in relevant websites and books. Use the website of Miller's Antiques and Collectibles and that of auction houses to know the value of the flatware.

To identify the manufacturer, place of origin and date of the sterling silver flatware, search for the hallmarks or symbols behind the piece. Consult the 925-1000 website, which is an online encyclopedia of hallmarks, to gather information about the hallmarks. Use the manufacturer's details to know the pattern name of the flatware.

In general, sterling flatware that is devoid of prominent scratches and damages commands a higher value. A piece that boasts of a popular style and is unusual also fetches a higher price. In addition, complete sets from the same manufacturer and items that can be traced to a famous person are more valuable.

When accessing the Miller's Antiques and Collectibles website click on Silver & Metalware and then on Silver under it towards the left of the page. Then, type 'sterling silver flatware' in the search box to narrow down the search. This website requires users to register for free to know the value of the sterling flatware.

Websites of auction houses, particularly the large ones, provide the final selling price of the item that indicates its value and demand.