How Do You Find Out How Much a Doll Is Worth?


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To find out how much a doll is worth, identify the doll, and check the current values of the same dolls in a similar condition on websites that specialize in doll pricing, such as Doll Price Guide or Prices4Antiques. You can also consult with a professional doll appraiser to determine the value of the doll. Doll identification includes finding out its name, maker, type and age.

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When attempting to identify the type of doll, first determine the material it is made of, such as cloth, porcelain, vinyl, metal or bisque; this narrows down the rest of the identification process. For example, when identifying a China doll, thoroughly inspect it, and note the size of the doll, what kind of porcelain it is made of, the type of eyes the doll has and whether its clothing has any notable details. In addition, try to find an identification mark or stamp on the doll. The most common places for such marks include the feet, head or torso of the doll.

If the doll was manufactured by Madame Alexander, Ideal, Mattel or a number of other companies, it should have the full name of the company on the identification mark. If the mark doesn't have the manufacturer's name, refer to a doll reference book that has a list of marks and manufacturers. The condition of the doll is also important when determining its value. A doll in a good condition shouldn't have any cracks, holes, scratches, tears in clothing, paint flakes or other signs of wear.

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