How Do You Find Out What Kind of Flower This Is?


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To identify a flower, look at the different parts of the flower, and consult a flower identification guide. Flowers are identified based on a number of characteristics including habitat, leaves, flowers, and their reproductive and nonreproductive parts.

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  1. Find a flower identification guide

    If identifying a wild flower, start with a local or regional guide, since the number of possibilities is more limited. If you are trying to identify a flower in an image or in a garden, an online identification guide is going to be the most efficient. An Internet search should produce a number of guides with keys. A key provides prompts for the different features of a flower. Start with the most unusual characteristics. More unusual flowers may be quickly identified with only a few inputs.

  2. Identify the habit and habitat

    For wildflowers, make note of the plant's habitat. Is the plant growing from the ground, on the water or on another plant? Also look at the flower's habit and whether the plant is a tree, a shrub, a vine or a herb.

  3. Examine the leaves

    For identification, look at the number, the shape and the arrangement of the leaves. See if the leaves have hair, thorns, sap or any other identifying characteristics.

  4. Look at the flowers

    Count the petals, and make note of their arrangement. Color can also be helpful in identification.

  5. Consider other characteristics

    Many flowers can be identified based on their foliage or habitat. Larger flower families have several similar flowers, which are harder to distinguish. Follow the flower guide's key, and examine the reproductive and reproductive parts of the flower carefully.

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