How Are OTT-Lite Bulbs Different Than Other Light Bulbs?

OttLite, Inc. engineers light bulbs that provide the quality of natural daylight indoors by balancing light wavelengths that affect contrast and brightness. The balance of wavelengths allows users to see details and colors more clearly and comfortably than they do using light bulbs that emphasize brightness or contrast alone.

Light bulbs that emit wavelengths that allow users to see vibrant colors often emit glaring brightness, eye muscles react by contracting and squinting leads to fatigue. Light bulbs that emit wavelengths that allow users to see high contrast are ideal for reading text or seeing details, but they lose color fidelity. The balance of wavelengths that OttLite bulbs provide allows users to see clearly without glare, color distortion and fatigue.

OttLite lighting is ideal for projects that require precision and color matching, such as sewing, wood working, fly tying and cake decorating. The added comfort of natural daylight allows better concentration and energy for reading or office work. OttLite lighting products also incorporate smart features, such as storage, universal bus ports and flexible necks.

OttLite offers floor lamps, table and desk lamps, makeup mirrors, and magnification lamps. The company also offers light-emitting-diode lamps that provide natural lighting. Dr. John Nash Ott developed OttLite technology by discovering the range of light wavelengths that allowed a pumpkin plant to grow indoors successfully. ships products throughout the United States. Affiliated retailers also sell OttLite products, and the company provides links to retailers on each product page.