How Do You Find Osiria Roses for Sale?

Finding Osiria hybrid tea roses for sale through retail nurseries in the United States is highly unlikely as of December 2015. Due to the plant's extreme susceptibility to disease and poor growth habit, commercial growers previously offering Osiria for sale stopped its production for the 2015 spring season.

According to, the Osiria rose enjoyed explosive popularity in 2014 due to its promotion in social media. By the 2015 growing season, difficulties in growing and maintaining the plant and a disappointing appearance compared to its digitally altered image lowered demand precipitously, and the Osiria rose is no longer sold by commercial nurseries in the United States.'s Gardening section lists only 15 nurseries worldwide selling Osiria, all of them in Europe or Australia. A search for Osiria at large North American online retail nurseries such as, and produced no results. Rogue Valley Roses, an Ashland, Oregon, nursery specializing in antique and rare roses, does not list Osiria. According to Palatine Roses' Web page, the company decided to halt production of Osiria for 2015 based on unrealistic consumer expectations and poor performance.

Growing the Osiria rose from seed is possible, but cautions against purchasing Osiria seeds from private sellers, who may be selling non-viable seeds or even tomato seeds. The only likely sources for gardeners seeking to grow Osiria roses in the United States are seeds or cuttings obtained from a fellow gardener who owns a healthy plant.