How Do Original Mattress Factory and Serta Mattresses Compare?

Quality of mattresses between Original Mattress Factory and Serta vary based on the type of mattress. Original Mattress Factory's latex mattresses get good reviews, but reviews of their innerspring mattresses are mixed. Serta offers more mattress types, which receive both excellent and negative reviews.

As of 2014, Consumer Reports ranks Original Mattress Factory as the number one mattress retailer, but Serta has the number one innerspring mattress, the Serta Perfect Day iSeries Applause. Consumer Reports doesn't list any Original Mattress Factory mattresses as a top recommendation. Original Mattress Factory isn't as well known as Serta, which provides mattresses for all the Hilton hotel's Homewood Suites.

Original Mattress Factory makes its mattresses in its own factories and sells them in its own showrooms. The company offers several innerspring mattresses with the price increasing based on coil count and thickness. Its foam and latex mattresses receive the highest rating and are the most expensive.

Serta offers higher-end mattresses and more economical options for both innerspring and memory foam mattresses. Serta is known for using high-quality materials and being at the forefront of mattress innovations. Its innerspring mattresses have special fibers to improve sleep quality. Original Mattress Factory started in 1990, whereas Serta began in 1931.