What Are Some Oriental Decor Ideas?

What Are Some Oriental Decor Ideas?

Oriental decor ideas include installing bamboo blinds and incorporating blue and white porcelain pieces and chinoiserie furniture. To mimic the tranquility and calm of a traditional Japanese home, use neutral tones and a minimalist decor.

One way to add an oriental feel to the home is to install bamboo blinds. These blinds add contrast and warmth to the home and work well with both traditional and modern furnishings.

Another idea is to include traditional Asian furniture in the home. Oriental porcelain pieces in blue and white designs were made in China beginning in the 14th century and continue to be popular today. Using a blue and white ceramic garden stool as a side table or plant stand in a living room or bedroom is one way to incorporate oriental decor into the home.

Another traditional Asian decor idea is the use of chinoiserie furniture. This term refers to the painted oriental furniture popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. These pieces include cabinets and room dividers with intricate paintings of traditional Asian scenes, including people and landscapes. These pieces pair well with traditional decor or as a focal point in a minimalist room.

To achieve the tranquil feel of many Asian homes, homeowners may use neutral tones from nature on the walls and furniture. Cream, grey-green or taupe walls are three examples of soothing neutrals that go well with sleek, simple furniture and decor in many oriental homes.