How Do You Organize Wire Shelving Systems?


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To organize wire shelving systems, first measure the space they are to go, and use graph paper to create a to-scale blueprint of the design you want. Purchase enough shelving units to fit into the design and store all goods. Choose a style that works with what is to be stored, such as open-weave drawer units, shoe trees and hanging units for closets, or adjustable open shelving for pantries. As you build, arrange the goods and make necessary adjustments.

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When building and installing the units, anchor the tracks into the available studs on the wall. Consider locating the studs before drawing the blueprint to ensure each unit is placed in a viable position. Pre-drill holes for the track screw, and insert anchors to avoid damaging the walls or creating a weak hanging spot as weight is added to the shelves. Next, anchor the shelves into the provided support poles and brackets, using wall clips when necessary.

When using open shelving, place the lowest shelf a number of inches from the floor, depending on what is to be stored there. For hanging clothes, allow at least 36 inches from the floor for blouses, and adjust the height needed for long dresses or gowns. Add additional shelves as needed to suit the design, leaving at least 16 inches between each shelf. Maximize your space by stacking units or butting them up against one another. Always use a level to check that each shelf is installed correctly.

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