How Do You Organize Your Kitchen With Stainless Steel Racks?


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Organizing a kitchen with stainless steel racks largely depends on the size and layout of the room and the size of the racks used. Generally, racks are used in kitchens that don't have sufficient cabinet or countertop space to store items used occasionally. As they tend to be wide, long and tall, they are often used in larger pantry spaces or along empty wall space.

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The upper shelves of stainless steel racks are typically out of easy reach and accommodating for items that are used infrequently, while the middle shelves are useful for pots and pans, as the materials are more durable under weight. The lower shelves are more useful for extremely heavy objects that cannot easily be lifted.

Stainless steel racks are often available used from restaurants closing or restaurant supply businesses. They typically are heavy-duty rounded wire and sometimes feature wheels on the corner posts.

HGTV.com offers 10 tips for organizing a kitchen. Empty all cabinets and cupboards to examine their contents; relegate items that are rarely used to harder-to-reach spaces if needed, while items no longer needed should be discarded or donated to a charitable organization. Group similar objects together in cabinets, on shelves or on racks, and store plastic containers with their lids.

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