How Do You Organize Kitchen Cabinets?


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Organizing your kitchen cupboards is a lengthy process that takes a few hours to a few days, depending on the size of your kitchen and how much clutter you have. Before you begin, gather up some basic cleaning supplies, garbage bags, a box for donations and a sturdy stepping stool.

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  1. Remove everything from the cabinets

    Take every item out of your kitchen cabinets, and lay them on counters where you can see them easily. Dust and wash the inside of the cabinets while they are empty.

  2. Eliminate unneeded items

    Go through everything that came out of the cabinets, and remove items you are unlikely to use. Place the usable items in a box, and discarded the items you don't plan to use.

  3. Group items by use

    Rearrange the items from your cabinets by category. Put similar items and items that are used for the same process together.

  4. Add organizers where needed

    Decide if you need any organizational tools, such as storage containers, shelf dividers or pot racks, to maximize your cupboard space. Purchase the exact tools that you need to avoid waste.

  5. Refill cabinets

    Place the organizers in the appropriate locations, and refill the cabinets. Make sure to place the items you use most often in the most accessible locations.

  6. Maintain the cabinets regularly

    Repeat the process twice a year to maintain organization.

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