How Do You Organize Your Garage?

How Do You Organize Your Garage?

To organize a garage, gather the necessary materials, clean the garage floor, de-clutter using categories, and plan and organize your belongings into zones. Utilize all storage space, and maintain the organization by performing regular cleaning and organization tasks.

  1. Gather materials

    Gather the materials necessary to complete the task. This includes a strong vacuum cleaner or shop vac, a broom and dust pan, and heavy duty garbage bags. Bins, shelves and hooks may be necessary to assist with storage.

  2. Clean the floor

    Clean the entire garage floor using a strong vacuum cleaner, a shop vac, or a broom and dust pan. Treat and clean any oil or chemical stains on the garage floor.

  3. De-clutter into categories

    De-clutter the garage by placing items in the driveway in categories such as "trash," "donate" and "keep." Dispose of and/or donate the appropriate items.

  4. Organize items into zones

    Organize all the items from the "keep" category into zones in your garage. For example, organize all of the automobile-related items into an "auto zone" or all of the sports equipment in a "sports" zone.

  5. Utilize storage space

    Utilize all storage space by stacking bins, hanging shelves and hanging hooks to organize all the items neatly.

  6. Maintain organization

    Maintain the cleanliness and organization of the garage by vacuum or sweeping on a regular basis and by putting all items back where they belong after use.