What Are Some Organic Ways to Get Rid of Earwigs?


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Organic ways of getting rid of earwigs include removing excess moisture, reducing nighttime light and cutting off their food supply. Other natural ways of controlling earwigs are reducing their entry points, attracting natural predators and using an organic insecticide such as boric acid, according to Bright Hub.

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Earwigs are small brown bugs with flat elongated bodies. They are mostly present in the summer and spring and favor damp, dark environments. They have pincers on their abdomens that pinch predators. The pinch is painful but non-venomous. Earwigs are nocturnal and omnivorous. Check garden produce to avoid bringing earwigs into the house, and wash garden produce with water to prevent bringing young larvae and eggs into the house, advises Bright Hub.

The flat shape of earwigs enables them to creep through small cervices and openings. Their natural predators include lizards, toads and tachnid flies. You can attract tachnid flies by keeping plants such as fennel, anise, cosmos and buckwheat. Boric acid occurs naturally in most fruits. It is also an eyewash and antiseptic for cuts. It is safe to humans and animals but kills earwigs when they ingest it. Apart from earwigs, boric acid also kills other insects, including silverfish, ants and cockroaches, notes Bright Hub.

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