What Are Some Organic Tick Control Treatments for the Yard?


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To deter ticks organically, landscape the property so it is unappealing to the insects. If deer frequent the property, install fencing to prevent them from entering, or grow plants that repel deer and ticks around the perimeter of the property. Another option is to adopt a flock of chickens or guinea hens to help control tick populations. Organic tick repellents are also available and should be used according to the package directions.

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To landscape the property to repel ticks, remove all piles of debris, including leaves and piles of branches, and consider trimming or cutting trees to ensure the lawn receives plenty of sunlight. Keep the grass as short as possible, and apply a layer of mulch around the perimeter of the property.

Plants such as mint, lavender, garlic and rue repel ticks, while plants such as dill, tansy, oregano and yarrow repel deer. Choose organic seeds, and sow the plants as recommended on the seed packaging.

If chickens or guinea hens are used to control tick populations, supply the animals with the appropriate shelter and food, and frequently allow the flock access to the affected areas of the property. Fencing may be required to protect the flock from predators and to keep it from wandering.

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