What Is Organic Grub Control?


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Organic grub control uses nontoxic and natural enemies of the white grub to prevent the problems it causes to lawns. Milky spore is a bacterium that affects the grubs of the Japanese beetle and other white grubs. Other organic methods of grub control include nematodes and manual removal.

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Milky spore serves as a natural insecticide for white grubs. The grubs ingest the bacteria, and the resulting infection leads to their deaths. It takes seven to 21 days from the time of ingestion until the grub dies. While effective in warm areas, milky spore does a poor job at controlling grubs in areas with cooler soils.

Nematodes are natural parasites to grubs. They do not harm plants. Once applied to the lawn, grubs begin to die within two days. Although some users report a lack of success with nematodes, the University of Connecticut recommends consumers purchase them fresh and apply them immediately to the lawn. Nematodes require moisture, so the buyer should irrigate the lawn immediately after they are applied.

While white grubs live underground, other types of grubs live above ground and affect plant growth. Gardeners find it helpful to remove these grubs manually from their plants instead of relying on pesticides. When searching for grubs, it is essential they look at both the top and bottom of the plant leaves.

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