How Do You Order Viking Mixer Attachments?

Attachments for Viking Range stand mixers are available at Viking stand mixers are discontinued, making it difficult to find attachments, accessories and replacement parts, as of January 2016.

To find attachments at, go to the home page, and select Products. From the list of products, select Accessories. Click on Countertop Appliances, and scroll down to see Stand Mixer Accessories. As of January 2016, the stand mixer accessory available for purchase is a stainless steel dough hook, used to mix and knead yeast-based dough. To order, click on the Add to Cart button. Check out by entering your contact and billing information.

Viking partnered with the Clipper Corporation in March 2014 to manufacture and market Viking brand kitchenware. The Viking product line sold through Clipper does not include stand mixers or accessories, as of January 2016.

Used Viking brand mixers and mixer accessories are occasionally available on eBay. To search for available items, go to, and enter "Viking mixer" in the search bar.

Craigslist is also a place to find used Viking mixers and accessories. Go to for your local city, or go to to enter your search term in a database of all sites.