How Do You Order the Best Shade Trees?


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To order the best shade trees, consider maintenance, growing zone, rate of growth and appearance. Additional factors to keep in mind include location, soil, wind, sun and space.

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How Do You Order the Best Shade Trees?
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Shade trees require occasional feeding and pruning as part of maintenance. Raking can be labor intensive because shade trees produce a lot of leaves, so this is an important consideration when choosing the type of tree. A tree without low hanging branches makes it easier to mow underneath and around it.

Next, consider the growing zone when ordering shade trees. Native trees are the best choice. Do research on the type of shade trees that thrive in the region, and verify that the tree is a good choice for the location, based on the USDA growing zone.

The rate of growth depends on the type of tree. Some trees last for hundreds of years, although they take long to reach mature heights. Such trees are a good option to be enjoyed by future generations. Faster growing trees are a better choice for short-term results, although these may have a shorter lifespan. This is because they do not develop strong branch and root systems, owing to their rapid growth.

Finally, be aware of the specie's appearance at maturity. This ensures that the trees blend well with the overall design of the surrounding landscape.

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