How Do You Order Parts for a BEAM Central Vacuum?


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Order parts for a BEAM central vacuum from BuiltInVacuum.com and ThinkVacuums.com. BeamVac.com recommends ordering replacement parts such as valve doors and hoses from an authorized BEAM dealer. A dealer finder for customers in the United States is available at BeamVac.com.

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BuiltInVacuum.com's range of replacement parts includes motors, filters and inlet valves. Accessories for BEAM systems, such as attachments and power heads, are also available. BuiltInVacuum.com includes a chart showing which replacement motors are suitable for various BEAM systems. The site includes detailed instructions for replacing a faulty motor and a flowchart that explains how to troubleshoot a system that is having issues. The flowchart leads to a list of various common problems and instructions are available that tell users what actions to take.

The BEAM product page at ThinkVacuums.com is also divided into categories of replacement parts. Replacement filters, mufflers and VacPan kits are available along with pipes, fittings and installation kits. ThinkVacuums.com also includes comparison charts that compare different systems' suitability for small, medium and large homes.

The troubleshooting section at BeamVac.com includes a section of frequently asked questions. The questions include advice on when to change certain parts of the system and how to deal with odors in the vacuum's pipes. It includes advice for users whose systems do not start or shut off, along with tips for clearing clogs from the system.

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