How Do I Get Orchids to Bloom Again?

How Do I Get Orchids to Bloom Again?

How Do I Get Orchids to Bloom Again?

Orchids need a combination of bright light, proper moisture and fresh growing medium to bloom year after year. They also require pots that are large enough to let the roots expand. Gather a new pot and growing medium, and spend about 10 minutes preparing each orchid for new blooms.

  1. Re-pot the orchid

    New orchids quickly outgrow the small pots they are sold in at florists and nurseries, and those pots often don't have adequate drainage. The original potting medium also degrades and builds up excess salt content, which stunts growth. After an orchid's blooms fade, move the plant to a larger pot and replace the growing medium. Choose a pot that has bottom drainage holes. Orchids may have to be re-potted more than once if stems grow outside of the existing pot.

  2. Choose a sunny location

    Place the orchid in a window that receives at least 1 to 2 hours of direct sunlight. If the light is filtered, leave the plant in the window for several hours.

  3. Water appropriately

    Orchids planted in bark need water every five to seven days, while orchids planted in a moss medium need water every 10 to 14 days. Water the plant thoroughly, and allow the top layer of growing medium to become completely dry before watering again.