What Are Your Options for Using Large Wall Stencils?


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Large wall stencils are used to create designs on walls, ceilings and door panels. The reusable stencils allow even beginning designers to experiment with color and form while creating a uniform, balanced look for a single wall or an entire room.

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Walls can be decorated by using a single large stencil, like a starfish or seashell, to create an accent feature on one wall. Or, that single stencil may be used to create a pattern of starfish or seashells to cover one wall, or several. Turn one wall into an entire garden by using different stencils, such as butterflies, flowers, vines and trees. Mix and match the colors to create a soft pastel setting, or a bold tropical motif.

Large wall stencils are often used to create vintage patterns around the base of chandeliers in vintage homes, such as Victorians and Edwardians. Patterns are also available for use along crown moldings and for creating a wallpaper effect in rooms with a more formal design. Authentic French style dining rooms often have individual wall panels featuring delicate floral patterns with a framed, delicate edging. Often the designs are repeated on door panels.

In bedrooms, paintings created with large wall stencils are often used instead of headboards, or to complement them. In the kitchen, large wall stencils of forks, spoons and knives make interesting focal points, especially if done in a color that contrasts with the walls.

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