What Are Some Options to Repair Termite Damage?


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Repair superficial termite damage by applying wood hardeners; select the wood hardener based on the type of wood that is damaged. For moderately damaged wood, scrape the damaged wood with a chisel to remove it. Sand the surface smooth and apply wood hardener. For heavy, structural damage, remove the damaged wood entirely and replace structural members.

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Light to moderate damage is easily repaired by homeowners, however, heavy structural damage is better left to a professional. Wiring or plumbing may have to be temporarily disconnected or moved. Wood hardeners vary in strength and should be selected according to the level of damage and type of wood.

Another option is wood sealer, which stops air from penetrating the wood. This effectively cuts off the oxygen supply to termite colonies and kills them. If the damaged areas are visible, they can be cosmetically repaired using wood fillers. After wood filler is applied and has fully hardened, sand it flush and paint it, if necessary. After the damaged wood has been repaired, it is important to check for repeat infestations, particularly in wet places and during wet times of the year. If moisture is capable of seeping into these areas, other repairs may be required to keep the them dry.

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