What Are Some Options for Organizing Your Wrapping Paper?


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Some options for organizing and storing wrapping paper include using a dresser or bucket, or utilizing a storage tote designed for wrapping supplies. Keeping all the necessary items together is helpful in organizing wrapping paper and creating a wrapping station.

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Re-purpose an old or unused dresser to create a wrapping station that neatly organizes and stores wrapping paper. Store rolls of wrapping paper together in one drawer, folded sheets of wrapping or tissue paper in another and gift bags or boxes in a different drawer. Keep ribbon, bows and markers in smaller drawers, or corral them in boxes in a larger drawer.

Use a large bucket to organize rolls of wrapping paper. Twist rubber bands around the rolls to secure the paper, and store them upright in the bucket. A bucket organizer with pockets provides a place for tape, scissors, pens and ribbon. Alternately, place these items in bags or boxes, and stack them in the bucket to help hold the rolls of paper in place.

Many commercial wrapping paper storage totes are available. Choose one that is long, wide and short to allow for storage under the bed. Group like things together inside the tote. If the tote doesn't feature storage compartments for tape and bows, use smaller storage containers to create dedicated space for these items.

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