What Options Are There for Microwave Doors?


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Microwave doors come in at least three options: right-handed (the most common type), drop-down (fairly easy to locate and purchase), and lift doors (the most discreet style). The right-handed microwave door model is the most common type available.

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You can purchase this type of microwave at stores such as Target and Walmart. These microwaves fit nicely into kitchen cabinetry, or can sit out on the countertop. The popularity of this type of microwave door is due to the majority of the population being right-handed. However, this type of door can be challenging for left-handed individuals to operate. Drop-down microwave doors are a good alternative and can be purchased from major stores such as Sears. These models are better space savers and typically offer a larger cooking area than right-handed door microwaves. The disadvantage of drop-down microwaves is that they can not be set on a countertop. Lift doors are a third type of microwave door. These are specially designed to conceal the microwave and make for maximum ease of use. Microwaves with lift doors are made to be sleek and discreet without sacrificing power or convenience. This type of microwave can be purchased from Orville's home appliances and is manufactured by Thermador.

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