What Are Some Options for Landscape Watering Systems?


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Landscape watering system options include drip irrigation, spray systems and rotor systems. All of these systems can activated manually or with automatic timers and can have rain sensors built in. The best system varies based on soil conditions, terrain and plant types, but all three can be used for nearly any landscaping setup. Maintenance costs and efforts are similar across all three landscaping irrigation systems.

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For flat terrain with good drainage, a spray irrigation system is very effective for watering all types of plants, from lawns to shrubs and trees. These systems are designed to deliver a high volume of water evenly over a comparatively short period of time. If the area of landscaping being irrigated is larger, a rotor system provides better coverage with the same advantages of the spray system.

Drip irrigation delivers water slowly, evenly and directly to the root area of plants. The more precise application of water helps reduce water usage and is better for clay or sandy soil that is susceptible to run off.

Maintenance for all irrigation systems includes seals, valves and irrigation lines. Rotor and spray sprinkler heads can be damaged by lawn mower and power tools, leading to leakage. Drip irrigation lines wear more quickly in direct sunlight and can attract rodents as a water source.

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