What Are the Options for Disposing of a Used Washing Machine?


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If a large appliance such as a washing machine still works, the easiest way to recycle it is to sell it to another family or donate it to charity. If the washing machine has reached the end of its life cycle, it has recycle potential for its scrap metal value.

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While refrigerators and air conditioners have special precautions for recycling, washers do not contain fluid that requires removal. Many solid-waste disposal companies no longer accept refrigerators, but recycling companies do. Many recycling companies offer free pickup of used appliances, so the owner does not have to make accommodations to haul them to the recycler. In some cases, recyclers are willing to pay for the scrap metal value of the appliance.

If replacing a large appliance with an ENERGY STAR appliance, the program offers rebates and incentives for recycling the old appliance. Some utility companies offer credit on the customer's bill for replacing old appliances.

In some locations, consumers have to pay for appliance removal. Some waste-management companies require the customer to buy a sticker to attach to the appliance and move it to the curbside, while others add a surcharge to the monthly bill. The company takes the machine and recycles the usable metal it contains.

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