What Are Some Options for Covering Electrical Wires in an Entertainment Center?


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Options for covering the wires and cables of an entertainment system include using cable raceways to hide and organize cable bundles, laying wires and cables in tracks along the floor or ceiling, and running wires through walls. Before covering or bundling cables, disconnect and clean everything, and then lay out all cables and wires. Use twist ties or straps to shorten cables and bundle wiring before arranging the bundles and tracks.

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Cable tacks are a simple option for organizing wires and keeping cables out of site. Cable trays and screw hooks that attach to the underside of shelves or backside of cabinets are also effective options for disguising wires and creating a more orderly entertainment center. Placing cords and wires underneath carpeting is another option. Use cable tracks to secure cable bundles and keep them from bunching when placed beneath carpets or rugs.

Cord covers are a popular option for entertainment centers placed far away from power outlets. Route cords and wires through the cover before mounting it to the walls. Paint cord covers to match the decor of their surroundings and minimize their appearance. Long curtains, tall plants and decorative screens may also provide an effective way to cover wires.

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