What Are Options for Child-Proofing Fridge Handles?

What Are Options for Child-Proofing Fridge Handles?

Padlock refrigerator locks, button strap locks and clip strap locks are all options for child-proofing refrigerator door handles. Each of these child-proof refrigerator locks is made for specific refrigerator types.

Made for standard refrigerators, padlock refrigerator locks require a key to lock and unlock. This lock style includes two metal bars with eyes. The first is attached to the refrigerator door, while the other is attached to the side of the refrigerator. When the refrigerator door is closed, the eyes overlap. The padlock inserted into the eyes prevents children from opening the refrigerator.

Button strap locks, also made for standard refrigerators, require glue to stick to the refrigerator door and side. A button located on the strap must be pushed to release the lock.

Clip strap locks, made for French door refrigerators, wrap around refrigerator handles, which are held in place with a plastic clamp. Parents must squeeze both sides of the clamp at the same time to release the lock and open the refrigerator.

Child-proof locks for refrigerator handles help prevent children from gaining access to food inside refrigerators that could cause choking or an allergic reaction. These locks also help prevent children from dropping glass containers and from spilling food and liquids on the floor.