What Are Some Options for Awning Lighting?


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Common awning lighting options include rope lights, strings of lights, and hanging lanterns or globes. Light-emitting diode bulbs are often used with awnings because they do not heat up, minimizing fire risk. They also use little electricity, making them sustainable to have on often even when using battery power.

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Hanging lights around the edges of awnings is popular, as is hanging them back and forth across the underside of awnings. Rope lights have many tiny bulbs coated in a plastic sheath so they are durable and flexible. They come in a variety of colors, and some can change colors rapidly, putting on a light show.

String lights are available as small bare bulbs or with a wide variety of paper and plastic lanterns covering the bulbs. Strings of small lanterns are available shaped as margarita glasses, chili peppers, paw prints, colored globes and in many more designs. Larger, traditionally shaped lanterns, another awning lighting option, are often hung on the corners of awnings.

Rope lights and strings of lights or lanterns are available with sticky backings to attach them to awnings, or the strings can hang on pieces of the awning frame or nails. Large lanterns may require strong hooks to support their weight.

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