What Options Are Available for Dishwashers That Are Not a Standard Size?


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Compact, drawer, portable and under-the-sink dishwashers are common alternatives to standard-size dishwashers. Compact and drawer dishwashers fit under counters while portable dishwashers can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. Shallow under-the-sink dishwashers are designed to accommodate sink plumbing in the same space.

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Compact dishwashers are about 2 inches shorter and half a foot narrower than standard-size dishwashers. Compact dishwashers fit into spaces that are slightly too small for standard dishwashers. Drawer dishwashers are pull-out drawers that are installed below counters. Single-drawer dishwashers are typically 16 inches tall; however, homeowners may need new cabinetry to accommodate the tiny size.

Portable dishwashers are similar in size to compact dishwashers, and some models have faux wood tops to serve as kitchen islands. Under-the-sink models have the same height and width as standard-size dishwashers but aren't as deep to allow space for sink drainage.

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